A new day dawns in Redrock...

Several decades ago the great war of the Prophecy raged across the entire region. This great battle between "good" and "evil" left both destruction and changes in its wake. Many of the smaller manors were utterly destroyed. Dragonfall Keep was also completely destroyed by an army of frost giants, and with the damage done to the main stronghold of Hieronius to the south, has yet to be rebuilt. Redrock itself was ravaged by white dragons, the mighty dragon Derhausdulex sacrificed his life defending the people of Redrock from them. The dwarves also suffered considerable losses in the new goblin wars as well.

However as the prophecy war came to a crescendo, fate finally intervened and smiled upon the humans and dwarves in their struggle. The goblins were dealt a shattering blow as brave adventurers, dwarf and human troops re-captured the Black Tower stronghold and drove back the goblins, shattering them back into squabbling clans. Some of those same adventurers also help destroy the frost giant "king" who had united the giant clans to destroy Dragonfall Keep, and helped forge a new alliance with a previously unknown clan of "frost dwarves" as well as establish friendly contact with the primitive and reclusive giant kin known as "goliaths".

Across the entire Kalaman region, including the Barony, the influences of certain faiths have been increased. Pelor is now one of the more popular and commonly worshiped deities, but Farlanghn, Heironeous, and Boccob have also gained as well. A sect of Boccob, known as the seekers has spread claiming their mission to discover and share new and old magical knowledge. While the priests and holdings of St. Cuthbert, Olidammara and Kord seem to have fallen somewhat flat. The dark gods, Eryhtnul, Hextor, Nerull and Wee Jas still exist, but have been driven, in most cases, into hiding.

Daerskinnar Castle stood strong throughout and still remains the center of politics in the area. A "Baron" is still elected from amongst the lords and rules over the lands from there. The chief Triune still hold court here, however in the old practice of one priest of Pelor, one of Hieronius and one of St. Cuthbert, the priest of St. Cuthbert has been replaced by one of Farlanghn. And Redrock itself has been largely rebuilt and prospers. An effort has been and is underway to try and create a permanent trade route back to the "civilized" lands of the east. The rising power of Kalaman as it rebuilds is sometimes a concern, but as before the prophecy war, the Barony is just too far away and a little too strong and prosperous for Kalaman to claim it outright, and it benefits more from an effective trading partner.

One new player in the mix comes from a few of the heroes of the wars. A chartered adventuring group known as "The Faithful Harp" had been in existence for over 100 years. During the course of the conflicts, their stronghold was destroyed and many of their members were slain. The remaining members moved to Daerskinnar Castle to create a new organization to serve the Barony. This organization, known as "Harpers" is a collection of individuals of good inclination who perform a variety of functions. They serve sometimes as the MI6 of the Barony, sometimes as special forces and all around troubleshooters and meddlers. They have few real ranks, but varying degrees of influence. They often seek out and recruit like minded adventurers to aid in these efforts.

The dwarves have recovered slightly, mostly by consolidating into the stronghold of the Silvermane clans, and the Black Tower stronghold. Frequent expeditions have been launched into the mountains to try and find those dwarves who escaped the troubles by "going deep."

To the south of the Black Tower Keep, several hundred gnomes are working to expand their claims, now that the goblins have been driven back into disorder. Gnome merchants ply the still somewhat dangerous road (which wends through the growing town of Daggerford) to Redrock to trade.

The Bulwark, the keep of the temple of St. Cuthbert still stands at the edge of what is known as Devil's Gulch, but it has diminished in size and importance to a degree. Fortunately the chaotic magics of the gulch seem to have abated somewhat, though it still remains an area cursed by chaos.

The tower of the Cipher is now the hub of a busy little complex of shrines, labs and libraries of Boccob, all run by the seekers. Magical knowledge flows to a from here and magic in the Barony has become more common.

In Redrock, a statue now stands of the great bronze dragon Derhausdulex who sacrificed himself to save the town. His place has been filled by another bronze dragon, his daughter Kynathera.

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